Ballistic Braided Leader

  • Snag & leader braid.
  • Ballistic is an extremely strong and supple braid with neutral buoyancy and ultra-high abrasion resistance.
  • Perfect for shock & snag leaders when fishing in extreme snaggy conditions.
  • Also perfect for Spod & marker rod leaders.
  • Available in either Camo Green or Camo Brown


Product CodeColourLength (m)Breaking Strain (kg)Breaking Strain (lb)
ACS640033Camo Green2011.3025
ACS640034Camo Green2015.9035
ACS640035Camo Green2020.4045
ACS640036Camo Brown2011.3025
ACS640037Camo Brown2015.9035
ACS640038Camo Brown2020.4045